Geting a list of Courses

This page will help you get started with UTN Training API.

UTN Course API

The easiest way to get all our open courses in real time!

Overview of the API

Our API retrieves a real-time list of all the currently available courses being offered by UTN. This feature ensures that there are available spots for the course you want to book, and also provides a useful overview of the course.

Making a request

Utilising our API via a GET request is straightforward. Just use the credentials we've provided, enter them correctly, and you'll be able to test the API immediately. Once you've done that, you can integrate it into your application seamlessly.

Example response

  "total_items": 1092,
  "per_page": 15,
  "data": [
      "id": "59ae769a-6de4-4860-a285-88c507d65408",
      "course_template": {
        "id": "881f7b8c-a560-4d10-8378-f9ec8bfee944",
        "name": "IPAF Operator – Saturday Course"
      "name": "IPAF Dual 3a 3b -  Operator – Saturday Course",
      "code": "W_IPAF_2738_S",
      "ref_number": "101550",
      "require_days": 1,
      "days_picked": 1,
      "min_places": 2,
      "max_places": 4,
      "places_booked": 3,
      "places_available": 1,
      "places_provisional": 0,
      "day_release": false,
      "private_course": false,
      "is_canceled": false,
      "website_category": "IPAF",
      "exclude_citb_dashboard": false,
      "start_date": "2023-03-25T00:00:00+00:00",
      "end_date": "2023-03-25T00:00:00+00:00",
      "start_time": "07:45 AM",
      "end_time": "04:00 PM",
      "private_customer": null,
      "location": {
        "id": "92f9b7eb-f154-44f7-9bdb-50b4e5b2ddc6",
        "name": "Peterborough",
        "what3_words": "cupboards.amber.types",
        "address": {
          "address1": "Station Road",
          "address2": "Aaron Road Industrial Estate",
          "address3": "Whittlesey",
          "address4": null,
          "post_code": "PE7 2EX",
          "city": "Peterborough",
          "country": "GB"
        "rooms": [
            "id": "82532609-209c-4de4-9263-dae26b9b5dba",
            "name": "Peterborough - Class 1 (12)",
            "capacity": 12
        "virtual": false,
        "region": "midlands"
      "own_venue": null,
      "course_days": [
          "id": "1ed8d016-9830-6450-ae0e-2b1fefc211c2",
          "day_number": 1,
          "date": "2023-03-25T00:00:00+00:00",
          "course_id": "59ae769a-6de4-4860-a285-88c507d65408"
      "number_of_paper_work_set": null,
      "paperwork_issued_at": null,
      "paperwork_received_at": null,
      "notes": null,
      "notification_number": null,
      "address": null,
      "unit_charge": 300,
      "type": "physical",
      "e_learning": false,
      "video_tile_id": null,
      "cover_image": "prod/IPAF-OPERATOR-2-SUBJECTS-3A-3B---636x256.jpg",
      "most_popular": true,
      "base_price": 320,
      "overview": "IPAF operator mobile vertical and mobile boom operator training , IPAF 3a and 3b Training Course",
      "who_should_attend": "If you need to work at height and use access equipment (MEWPs)  In addition to your main job, e.g. electrician, painter, decorator, cleaner, you will acquire a new skill",
      "additional_information": "Applicants should be at least 16 years old and physically fit.\nIt is desirable (but not mandatory) that applicants should be literate.\nIt is desirable (but not mandatory) that applicants have had driving experience as an indication of dexterity.",
      "final_qualification": "On successful completion, delegates will receive an ePAL (electronic Powered Access Licence) giving instant recognition of identity and the categories accredited. The ePAL is valid for 5 years,",
      "course_content1": "Awareness of different types of MEWPs\nSafe operation of MEWPs and limitations of use\nPre-use checks, inspection and function tests\nPlanning the route before operating the MEWP\nTravelling the route and manoeuvring the MEWP",
      "course_content2": "Setting up the MEWP for work\nBasic operational practice\nAchievement testing\nSelection and use of fall arrest equipment\nLog book issue",
      "course_content3": "Course review and close",
      "addons": [
          "id": "af3f6eab-55aa-4212-a882-3d1d7bf9fbd9",
          "name": "*IPAF Smart Card & Certificate (Physical)",
          "unit_charge": 15
          "id": "c1d9013d-9f39-4aca-ba57-dd2572da0edf",
          "name": "Harness & Lanyard Set - Standard",
          "unit_charge": 60
      "avg_rate": 5
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